The Top Attractions in Roscoe Village for Locals or Tourists

The Top Attractions in Roscoe Village for Locals or Tourists

  • KD Homes
  • 07/20/23
Roscoe Village is a quaint Chicago neighborhood with quirks and charm for days. Located on the north side of Chicago, the village has independent shops and cafes brimming with eccentricity. Residents refer to Roscoe as “The Village in the City.” As it rises in popularity, Roscoe Village has become the perfect enclave for those seeking a small-town feel within the city limits of Chicago. Families, elevated fashionistas, and musical trendsetters call Roscoe Village home, and with good reason.

The village is bustling with residents and tourists exploring the music, antiques, food, and aesthetics of the neighborhood’s well-cared-for streets. Its architecture’s vintage charm is wide and inspiring, though Roscoe Village is small. It is walkable and presents a residential feel, as real estate in Roscoe Village is abundant. Locals find delight in Roscoe Village’s uniqueness, convenience, and activity. To fully experience the area, check out the music scene, boutique shops, and hip restaurants within walking distance of Roscoe Village homes.


3111 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL
Constellation is a performing arts club located in western Roscoe Village. Founded in 2013, Constellation believes in the priority of forward-thinking in the music-making world. The club favors collaboration over independence and seeks to educate musicians and music lovers on the history and intersection of important musical movements. Because of Constellation’s adoration for collaboration, the club’s music mixes traditional music with nontraditional. The venue draws in jazz, contemporary classical, experimental, and improvised music listeners on cool Chicago evenings.

Constellation offers a casual atmosphere even amongst the largest crowd. With theater-like seating and standing room, the performance space is pleasing to the eye and the body. The spacious room allows sound to boom against the walls and into the ears of engaged audience members. Constellation’s musical performances are perfect for any guest, whether serious about live music or laid back and looking for fun.

Cinnamon Boutique

2104 W Roscoe St, Chicago, IL
For in-season, on-trend, elevated apparel, a Roscoe Village shopper could visit Cinnamon Boutique. The shop sells anything a person could want, and their collection is high-end. Cinnamon Boutique has everything from designer clothing, jewelry, and purses to hair accessories, sunglasses, and shoes. The designer pieces for purchase in the boutique are bold, colorful, and fun. Cinnamon Boutique’s denim collection is impressive, and new merchandise is always dropping. Even with changes in their collection, Cinnamon Boutique staff members are well-informed on their products, brands, and customer needs.

Emily, the shop’s owner, is heavily involved in her shop’s performance. She has a keen eye for fashion and has trained her staff well. Emily and her staff will give shoppers great suggestions based on their needs. Patrons have a personable shopping experience when visiting the trendy Cinnamon Boutique.

Ella Elli

1349 W Cornelia Ave, Chicago, IL
Near Roscoe Village, up-scale diners enjoy Italian-Medeterrainian meals, shareable plates, and more at Ella Elli. The Lakeview restaurant is only a five-minute commute from Roscoe Village. Its chic lounge area and classy booth seating allow a comfortable luxury dining experience. The sophisticated eatery serves tasty cocktails and fine wine from their bar for the enjoyment of their classy, hungry guests.

Guests rave about Ella Elli’s small plates. Their gnocchi is worth eating twice, as are their selections of charcuterie boards. For full meals, Ella Elli’s menu features rigatoni with lamb, a Mediterranean seabass plate, and burger au poivre. With such a diverse, carefully-crafted global menu, Ella Elli offers guests a unique and unforgettable dining experience. The locally-owned, high-rated establishment is a charming, elevated place for friends to meet, couples to connect, and individuals to dine.

Take a walk through the village

Roscoe Village streets are lined with trees, gardens, and impressive vintage architecture. Locally owned businesses and antiquely constructed homes beautify the streets, making any quick stroll an artistic experience. Families can often be seen strolling Roscoe Village streets. A walk through the neighborhood is never boring, as Roscoe Village streets are attractive and lively. The residential community finds a connection in the urban roads. Enjoy a walk through the neighborhood and take in the sights, public art, and friendly Roscoe Village residents on their daily excursions.

Roscoe Village residents can purchase their necessities within the bounds of their neighborhood, and each errand can be a walkable one. Life in a walkable village is clean, healthy, and convenient. With public transportation so accessible for traveling further into the city, Roscoe Village is an easy place to live or visit.

Moving to Roscoe

Roscoe Village is a hub for young, hip individuals and families. The village’s nostalgic feel and vintage architecture are drawing forces for residents and potential homebuyers. It is an area for unconventional, trend-setting people looking for easy living in attractive homes. With European-style single-family homes, grand Victorians, cozy bungalows, and elevated condos, Roscoe Village real estate is expansive. The average price estimate for a detached home in Roscoe Village is about $830,000, and many pieces of real estate in the village cost over one million. Even charming, vintage homes can have a luxury feel, and Roscoe Village houses are standing proof of this.

Having so many public spots to gather and quirky independent businesses to explore, Roscoe Village is the perfect place for an artsy individual to call home. The music scene livens up the night, while the boutiques bring excitement and beauty to the day. The village’s architecture and old-style homes are what draw people to the area; the village’s many amenities and attractions are what keep them coming.

If you are a potential Chicago homebuyer and this charming little village so near the city appeals to you, a move to Roscoe Village could do you well. For more information on Roscoe Village attractions and real estate, contact K+D Homes today. They will help you find the best neighborhood to fit your lifestyle.

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